CZ7™ A

Ultimate Adventure Boat ™ – CZ7 A

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Overall length : 7.23 m

Hull type : Deep V
Hull material : Aluminium

Twin OB

Product description:
The Hurricane CZ7TM is the original cross over RIB from Military Special Forces use to civilian use hence starting the Adventure RIB genre. This 7m platform has been used by “ spec ops” forces around the world as the definitive outboard powered high seed assault boat for many years. It was the natural choice to be the civilian weekend warrior’s boat that would truly by the 4×4 of the seas. Fitted with 4 shock mitigation seats, dual 6 cylinder outboards and a long range fuel tank, the CZ7TM will take you just about anywhere in almost any weather and bring you home safely.

Its custom control console is big enough for large state of the art screens to display data from radar/GPS/chartplotter packages. This is a hand built boat in an extraordinarily detailed definition that is difficult to surpass. A full individual training course is available to CZ7TM buyers, offered by the factory and conducted by experienced military trainers at the location of your choice. Choice of engines and other limited equipment is optional for the Owner; otherwise it would not be a real CZ7TM!

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