eclipse 1200a
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Eclpse 1200A


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Overall length :11.0-11.8m

Hull type : MACH II
Hull material : Aluminum / Fiberglass

Twin or Triple OB / Twin Diesels
Outdrive or Surface Drive

Product description:

The ECLIPSE™ 1200 series is a decadent Yacht tender, small enough to fit in a garage, large enough to tackle the worst of the weather. It’s MACHII Hull and deck, can be had in Aluminum or Fiberglass. With our patented Hybrid collar, we provide large deck spaces where you can create your custom seating layout.

This Hurricane can be designed with a completely open deck all the way to a full cabin. With drop down T-tops and our custom enclosures, you can have high performance weather protected RIB that still fits in hull garages. Available engine packages can drive this RIB to over 65 Knots. For more details and the full specifications, please contact us directly.



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