HURRICANE invented the concept of Ultimate Adventure Boat™ RIB with its famous CZ7. Today, the CZ range extends from the CZ7 all the way up to the mega CZ14.

The Ultimate Adventure Boat™ is for Owners wanting more out of their boats. As the name implies, our CZ range is designed and built to go on any maritime expedition in superb style and reliability.

Developed from a range of proven military platforms, the Ultimate Adventure Boat™ are custom built using Hurricane‘s wide degree of experience and 36 years of supplying discerning customers worldwide. Whether you want to go and explore, search for the rare and unusual; or to go very fast through seas that deter others, know you can come home safely and comfortably in a Hurricane CZ.

Hurricane RIBs offer the most extreme experience in speed and seakeeping capabilities. Either operated from a yacht or a marina, the Ultimate Adventure Boat™ RIBs can take you farther than you ever imagined.


The features:

– Aluminium/GRP Hull

– Inboard/Outboard Engine

– Sizes from 6m to 14m


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