HURRICANE is a company dedicated to the design and construction of the best RIBs in the market. We have decades of experience with over 3000 RIBs launched for the most demanding customers in the world. All Hurricane™ boats are designed and built in Vancouver B.C. Canada by highly qualified engineers and boating experts.

Quality in design and in production are simply there to satisfy your desire of performance and durability.

With a global network and a strong know-how, we are able to build your highly performance custom boat designed on your specific needs and requirements.

Why a Hurricane™ when there are so many great tenders available?

  • Because you don’t want your boat to look the same as with any other Tender, Limousine and Toy…. our RIBs platforms are field tested, in operation worldwide, and that makes a difference.

  • Owners and their Captains like the rugged look of a Hurricane™ and their bulletproof military heritage where sub-standard systems reliability is not tolerated.

  • Others prefer the unique documented customization that is offered by the experienced engineering capability at HURRICANE.

Why a Hurricane™ when there are so many great tenders available?


Limit risk of back injuries, increases comfort and ride experience in all seas.

Cutting edge communication and imagery components at your demand.

Deck will drain in 3 minutes without pumping even when fully flooded.

Deck will drain in 3 minutes without pumping even when fully flooded.


Built in 12v pump inflates to operating pressure.

Allow low profile storage capability.

Ease of maintenance and repair/replacement as crew are able to remove and reinstall the tube on deck.

Allows quick inflation of the tube from a single point keeping the tube divided into separate chambers.


Allows constant beaching with no damage to hull.

Avoids accidental damage to yacht stern platform when coming alongside.


Customizable design and equipment to create a unique Hurricane™ boat.

“We have had 3 HURRICANE™ boats highly customised tenders for M/Y Northern Star since she was launched in 2009. 2 are currently onboard; a 9m GRP diesel sterndrive and a 7m aluminium diesel waterjet. They are solid and reliable tenders and work perfectly well in conjunction with our Hinckley to provide the Owner, Guests and crew a choice of platforms to support their busy schedules and activities.We often operate in remote areas of the Globe and depend heavily on our HURRICANE™ boats. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.” Captain Craig W Franks, Captain of M/Y Northern Star

Captain Craig W Franks, M/Y Northern Star
“We have had a HURRICANE™ ECLIPSE™ 630 Diesel sterndrive on board since the Yacht was first built in 1998. The Owner liked it so much, he ordered another identical one in 2008. It’s a rugged and reliable tender that is heavily used for crew, guest beach landing & water sports. I would recommend HURRICANE™ products as the after sales service is good. We get spare parts sent to us from the factory wherever we are.”
Randall Bower 1st Officer, M/y Diamond A (ex Ultima III)