“We have had 3 HURRICANE™ boats highly customised tenders for M/Y Northern Star since she was launched in 2009. 2 are currently onboard; a 9m GRP diesel sterndrive and a 7m aluminium diesel waterjet. They are solid and reliable tenders and work perfectly well in conjunction with our Hinckley to provide the Owner, Guests and crew a choice of platforms to support their busy schedules and activities.We often operate in remote areas of the Globe and depend heavily on our HURRICANE™ boats. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.” Captain Craig W Franks, Captain of M/Y Northern Star

    Captain Craig W Franks, M/Y Northern Star
    “We have had a HURRICANE™ ECLIPSE™ 630 Diesel sterndrive on board since the Yacht was first built in 1998. The Owner liked it so much, he ordered another identical one in 2008. It’s a rugged and reliable tender that is heavily used for crew, guest beach landing & water sports. I would recommend HURRICANE™ products as the after sales service is good. We get spare parts sent to us from the factory wherever we are.”
    Randall Bower 1st Officer, M/y Diamond A (ex Ultima III)